eDU SMARTZ is a complete solution that manages all operations concerning any educational setup including universities, colleges, schools and training institutes centred to international standards. As per research conducted by us, eDU SMARTZ has the ability to cater to major irregularities and issues usually highlighted by institutions locally and internationally. The installation of eDU SMARTZ allows the management at any institution to cater all these issue through a one window solution:

  • The system highlights all the irregularities in attendance despite of the location.
  • The irregularities in admission process are transparent and funds retrieved through the process show a straight impact on financials.
  • The major issue of irregularities in assessments are catered and results and admissions are 100% merit based.
  • Teachers performance data can be set against KPIs indicated through the system based on attendance, completion of syllabus, student feedback, etc.
  • Fee defaulters are directly highlighted by the system. The system has the ability to highlight the defaulters and not allowing them to register or progress unless the dues are paid.
  • Teachers’ salary deduction due to irregularities in punctuality and regularity is set through the system. Teachers are paid directly in relation to their 100% actual attendance.
  • Since the system has the financial module, hence cash receivables, expenses or budgets are directly in linked with the main account and can be tracked at any level.
  • Data can be tracked at any level.
  • Entire application is also available on Cloud, therefore can work under any location with simple a Browser and Internet Accessibility.
  • Entire application is Mobile Friendly.
  • Security and Data is given highest priority.
  • All modules are integrated and revolve around central database. The close level of integration makes it easy to produce not only academic and financial information but also the management information required to run the business smoothly.
  • The system is highly data driven and almost every aspect can be tailored as per your requirements based on configurable settings. The flexibility enables you to configure the system to work the way you want.