eDU SMARTZ Learning Management System – eDU BOARD is an ideal combination of the entire learning cycle of a student and their coordination with the users of an institution. From sharing of academic material to getting graded by their respected faculty is all an integral part of the ERP. Our LMS allows the use of software and technology to administer and deliver educational courses and training programs. It encompasses activities such as course creation, content delivery, progress tracking, assessment, and user management. eDU BOARD learning management system is widely used in various educational and training settings to enhance the learning experience and streamline administrative tasks.

A portal for students to be connected with their assignments, announcements, grades and academic calendar

Faculty can mark attendance, manage multiple classes, syllabus, examination, etc. through their portal

Students after graduation can register as an alumni and can engage in all related activities and events through the portal

Parents are mostly concerned regarding the progress therefore the portal allows to have an overview of a student’s progress

Students and alumni can be updated regarding job and internship opportunities through the portal via placement dept.

Other Modules