Learning Management System: Way To Excellence

Learning Management System, also known as LMS, has spread its wings as a Hi-Tech element in the field of education. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the stature of LMS soared through the sky as more and more educators and learning institutions started to incorporate this technology to prevent the halt of academic processes by the indispensable norms of social distancing.  

What is an LMS in education?

By definition,

It is an academic ERP software used to design, implement and furnish an academic program as well as to evaluate the outcomes and performance of its constituent factors through an adaptable virtual learning platform.

The concept of e-learning was the driving force behind the implementation and evolution of the Learning Management System. In its true essence, an LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials, or learning and development programs.

Which key features of an LMS make it the best bet for educators across the globe?

Truth be told, all leading educational institutions around the world have integrated a Learning Management System as an integral part of their academic deliverance and management as it provides a centralized platform where all the academic content can be accessed and delivered. Besides authorizing a virtual collaboration among students and teachers, it also permits tracking and streamlining various aspects of students and administration.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are other features that a premium Learning Management System, such as eDU-SMARTZ, encompasses. eDU-SMARTZ is a web-based management solution for academic institutions and is the only academic ERP an educational organization needs as it provides A 360 DEGREE – ONE CLICK ACADEMIC CONTROL. Such simplified academic ERP that allows instantaneous implementation with the best ROI of any system, possesses the following features as well:


If there is any one device that most of us carry all of the time, it is a smartphone. Thus, a learning platform that is optimized for mobile phones is the key feature that every ideal LMS provides. It permits the learners to access their academic schedules and classroom content as well as assessments and quizzes along with their grading and results.


To ensure equitable access to all its users, the best LMS for all institutions authorizes compliance with accessibility standards. eDU-SMARTZ only requires a simple Browser and Internet Connection to be accessed from any location or device as the entire application is stored on Cloud.


To enhance collaboration and foster social learning through a Learning Management System, various tools can be employed that allow video conferencing and discussion platforms. With eDU-SMARTZ, you can get your hands on an eDU-Board that covers the interactive portals to make the LMS experience convenient and interactive.


Ample tools that enable reporting and analytics allow administrators and professors to document and track every student’s academic progress besides the identification of areas that require improvement.


The feature of an extensive library for all the educational content including quizzes, video concepts, and research articles on every subject, is essential to keep the students engaged and updated with all the advances in their field.


An academic ERP, such as eDU-SMARTZ, allows room for customization of a Learning Management System according to every institution’s needs to serve as a best fit for all the factors that require efficient management. Every aspect of this highly data-driven system can be tailored through configurable settings to ensure flexibility.


Various security features including data encryption assist with building foolproof security to ensure the protection of student information as well as administrative documents.

Some Pointers To Select The Best LMS For Your Institution

If you’re looking towards cherry-picking the best LMS to serve your educational purposes, you must first consider the availability, efficiency, and reliability of its features. Although Learning Management Systems are incredibly fruitful, yet the enormous features they offer can make them a bit complex. Following are the features that you must look for:

  • Course Creation to enable the creation, edition, and sharing of content
  • Progress Tracking to create a baseline for tracking performance and improvement
  • Mobile-ready Learning with responsive layouts
  • Gamification to make the learning process more fun and engaging
  • Video Conferencing to allow one-on-one conversations and lectures
  • Interactive Boards to keep the learning environment collaborative
  • Simplification with a user-friendly interface to allow ease-of-use
  • Security with login authentication and user permission
  • Cost Effectiveness to utilize premium features within the budget of your institution

IN A NUTSHELL, a Learning Management System software comes in useful when furnishing an impactful, engaging, and efficient learning experience for the learners. Moreover, the administrative functions are easier to manage, access and track. With eDU-SMARTZ, the entire process is a piece of cake due to its user-friendly centralized platform with close integration of modules to ensure a smooth, consistent, and accurate learning experience. The installation of eDU-SMARTZ as your Learning Management System will cater to all the above-mentioned features through a one-window solution. For more details about our academic ERP, visit our website